I provide the highest quality images using a collaborative process with an eye towards color, space, light and form. Photography for museums, galleries and artists. Architectural and interior photography for architects, interior designers, builders, real estate and cultural institutions. Preservation quality archival images for institutional and private collections, including books, manuscripts, maps, photographs, transparencies, 2-D/3-D items.
On location and in-studio services.


All images are processed in a color managed workflow. Color matching with color accurate lighting and spectrophotometer readings available. All images will be adjusted in Photoshop for color accuracy, scale, crop and retouching as needed. Images will be delivered as full-size TIFFs and down-sized JPGs.


Images will be produced on a PhaseOne 100MP medium format back and viewed on a color calibrated EIZO monitor.  Strobe, LED or tungsten lights are used dependent on the needs of the image. Transparent material will be imaged on a light table using a copy stand.